Customer Surcharging Case Studies

As the experts in surcharging and surcharge compliance, our client’s success is important to us, and our client’s customers are important to us. We ensure that our implementation process is as smooth and as simple as possible so our clients can charge forward, no longer hindered by high credit card processing fees.


The case studies below show how our clients are successfully surcharging with little to no change in conversions or customer retention.

Picmonic Case Study

Picmonic, an online company that offers mnemonic study aids, A/B tested surcharging with SurchX. The results on conversions were outstanding.

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Surcharging High Ticket Items

A California-based company selling highly-valued rare coins was curious to see if surcharging would work in their industry.

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Subscriptions & Recurring Revenue

A nutraceutical health company with a subscription-based platform finds success with surcharging.

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One of the innovative leaders in multichannel direct response sales implemented SurchX for several of their as-seen-on-TV products.

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Direct Response

One of the largest direct response companies in the United States tested surcharging on one of their as-seen-on-TV product sites.

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