Surcharge Summit

Posted on May 24, 2019 at 18:43 PM

Surcharge Summit

Surcharge Summit is an exclusive, invite-only event, the soonest of which coincides seamlessly with subscription summit in New Orleans May 29th.

Attendees will meet members of InterPayments, the leading authorities in surcharging compliance. Ask questions, gain insights and walk away understanding how their business can legally surcharge while remaining fully compliant with all U.S. rules and regulations.

We show you how surcharging returns significant revenue to your bottom line overnight with zero investment.

Surcharge laws can change in an instant.
As the laws change around credit card surcharginglaws change around credit card surcharging, a spate of short news stories have appeared, largely on TV news broadcasts, but also in a handful of local newspapers. These stories are largely inaccurate or misleading.

However, it’s not the journalist’s fault. Surcharging is new, complex, and doesn’t lend itself to local TV packages. And although Surcharging stands to save merchants $300 billion annually in fees, many businesses are confused about how to accurately surcharge without running afoul of the over 60 regulatory bodies that oversee it.

Surcharging out of compliance with these regulations can carry deep fines or worse, loss of the ability to process credit cards. Most companies that surcharge today are making huge missteps and don’t even know they are out of compliance.

The spread of inaccurate or incomplete information is one reason InterPayments and its partners have decided to hold a series of Surcharge Summits during 2019 and 2020 where we, and leading experts in the industry remove the fog around surcharging laws and legalities to clarify the topic.

The Surcharge Summit Comprises of Industry Experts.
The first of these summits will be held in New Orleans on May 29 at the same time industry professionals are in town for the annual SubSummit. Future events are listed on the Surcharge Summit site, and will also accompany large industry events for the convenience of Attendees. Go here to request an invitation to one of these events.

These invitation-only industry dinners are designed specifically to present an array of knowledgeable experts in payment processing who will discuss the pros and cons of surcharging. Limited to fifty people and held in informal surroundings, there will be time for one-on-one conversations and networking opportunities.

Worried about Conversion Rates? Surcharge With Confidence.
Beyond the legal concerns, some merchants have fears about cart abandonment if they begin to surcharge. However, recent research shows that most customers aren’t deterred by a transaction fee. Consumers are now more convenience–oriented and less price sensitive than ever before, especially millennials, who are accustomed to next-day doorstep delivery.

The Surcharge Summit will demonstrate real-world case study data shows no material impact on conversion rates or customer loyalty.

Moreover, surcharging increases choice for both merchant and the consumer. In the current environment many merchants simply raise prices on everyone, even customers who pay cash, to cover the cost of their credit card fees. With surcharging, prices can be priced more competitively and only the consumer who chooses to pay with a credit card pays the transaction fee.

Although there is still much confusion and misinformation about the rules and regulations of surcharging, all but 5 states allow merchants to pass credit card processing fees on to their customers and the remaining states are likely to follow.

These Surcharge Summit dinners help paint a clear picture of the current surcharging landscape.

Request your invitation today!

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