Surcharging Compliance

100% incentivized to keep you compliant. Guaranteed compliance so you can focus on your business.

  • Liability indemnification. We're incentivized to keep you compliant.
  • Rules experts. Card networks make surcharging difficult to understand. Our only job in life is to master them so you don't have to.
  • Outsource your risk. Focus on what you're best at doing. We'll handle recovering fees while limiting your risks.

Single Secure Payment Portal

Start surcharging quickly with one secure payment portal for you and your customers to manage and pay invoices. Surcharging enabled out-of-the-box.

  • Flexible payment options. Offer credit/debit to ACH (to crypto in the future).
  • Reduce admin costs. Customer flexibility to pay over phone or self-serve. Supports short pays, split payments, and cards on file.
  • Established integrations. Connects to any major payment provider, ERP, CRM, or Shopping Cart. Seamless account reconciliation and cash posting.

Payment Processing Fee Optimization

Merchants lose hundreds of thousands per year due to poor understanding of their fees. Demand better processing rates with expert forensic analysis and consulting.

  • Expert analysis. Our network of forensic accountants confidentially analyze your processing statements. They'll negotiate for better rates on your behalf.
  • Negotiate better terms with data. Our service anonymously gathers granular processing fee rate data on every transaction. Put payment providers in competition for lower rates with better data.

Independent Payment Provider Advice

Independent, unbiased advice.

  • Expert advice. Complimentary consulting on how you can better optimize how you accept payments (no strings attached).
  • Unbiased provider reviews. As an agnostic technology service, we'll give you a trustworthy opinion on which vendors work best for you.


Hold your payment provider accountable with better interchange rate data.

  • Watching your back. We provide you transaction-level cost data to compare against your payment provider. In one example, an ISV recouped $30k on a single transaction.
  • Additional oversight. You're busy focusing on your business. Our transaction cost data logs give you easy access insight to recover more money for your core business.