InterPayments’ solutions and earn commission.


InterPayments’ solutions and offer bundled Price.


InterPayments’ solutions and earn revenue share.

Who Partners
with InterPayments?

To date, we’ve partnered with:

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ISOs, Acquirers,
and Processors

Merchants are looking for ways to increase their bottom line. Credit card processing is a top three line cost for most merchants. Additionally, sales agents seek more ways to increase their residuals - on existing and new merchants. Differentiate yourself with a zero cost processing option. InterPayments surcharging solution can help your merchants and sales agents retain more profits and focus on growing their business.

Key Benefits

  • Expand your value proposition
  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive payments landscape
  • Generate additional revenue for your organization

ISVs, Gateways,
and Payment Facilitators

You are constantly looking for ways to help your business grow and manage their business. For most businesses, credit card fees are one of their biggest costs. Offering a way to manage those costs in a seamless and integrated way is what your customers have grown to expect. Partnering with InterPayments gives you an easy way to add a compliant surcharging solution that seamlessly integrates with your application. Offer your customers a valuable cost saving solution right within your ecosystem.

Key Benefits

  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Solve a pain point for your customers in your ecosystem
  • Generate additional revenue

Affiliate Partners

Unsure of your merchants’ surcharging demand? No problem. Test your merchants’ appetite for surcharging in a low risk way with no contractual commitments. Refer customers to InterPayments and automatically create a new revenue stream with little effort. We’ll take care of the rest. Once you validate demand, you can integrate or start selling yourself to earn more and control your merchant experience.

Become an Affiliate Partner

Key Benefits

  • Expand your offering.
  • Increase your revenue with no investment.
  • No contractual commitments.

Affiliate Partner Benefits

  • Attractive commission on all merchant referrals
  • Sales and co-marketing resources
  • InterPayments' handles the merchant onboarding process
  • Support & training from the InterPayments team
  • Tier 1 Partner Technical Support

Resellers and
White Label Partners

Want to improve your offerings? Resell InterPayments to excite and acquire new customers. Create new revenue streams for you, your sales agents, and your merchants. We offer a competitively priced solution you can bundle, sales and marketing support, and seamless onboarding via your existing platform.

InterPayments does more than simplify surcharging — our solutions expand your business at a high ROI.

Become a Reseller

Key Benefits

  • Acquire and retain customers with best-in-breed product
  • Generate revenue streams for you and your sales agents
  • Sales & marketing support plus seamless onboarding services

Reseller Partner Benefits

  • Flexible pricing options to incentivize your in-house and independent sales agents
  • Exclusive sales and marketing resources
  • Simple, 3 step merchant onboarding process that fits in your existing workflow
  • Support & training with a dedicated InterPayments resource
  • Free Sandbox account

Technology Partners

Keep your product roadmap intact by integrating InterPayments’ single and simple API anywhere credit cards are accepted. InterPayments does the rest: we’ll upsell your platform while you sit back and receive a revenue share. Create a new revenue stream out of your payment offering with low investment.

Explore our API

Become an Integrated Technology Partner

Key Benefits

  • Acquire and retain customers with competitive and differentiated features
  • Limited sales and marketing investment
  • Generate a new revenue stream that more than pays for itself within a few months

Why Partner With Us?

  • Highly attractive, perpetuity revenue share with minimal upfront cost
  • Exclusive co-marketing resources
  • Seamless, single API integration
  • InterPayments handles the merchant onboarding process
  • Priority Tech Support
  • Free Sandbox account