InterPayments' Mission: Diligent Compliance

InterPayments' Mission: Diligent Compliance

Automated Compliance Across 67 Surcharging Jurisdictions

50 state, federal, and industry regulations create an evolving and complex web of compliance hurdles. InterPayments' mission is to ease that burden so that merchants can focus on improving their net profits.

InterPayments' Compliance Service

  • Identifying Approved Cards

    InterPayments' technology automatically differentiates between all credit card, debit card, prepaid and government types to maintain compliance

  • Customer Surcharge Awareness

    InterPayments automatically processes the purchase amount and credit card fees as one transaction at checkout

  • 30 Day Card Brand Notification

    InterPayments ensures that merchants properly notify all relevant stakeholders in a timely fashion

  • Calculate Exact Surcharge Rates

    InterPayments dynamically calculates the EXACT surcharge amount for each and every credit card

  • Evolving state legislation

    InterPayments diligently oversees evolving and independent state regulation for merchant compliance

  • Card brand rules

    InterPayments continuously navigates card brands' multifaceted directives so merchants can maximize their margins with piece of mind

24/7 Seamless, Automated Compliance

“There is no question that merchants are moving forward with ways to pass through their surcharges. The use of technology will enable those merchants to discern between states where they can do so and those where a prohibition remains.”

Wanda Borges, Esq. Business Credit Magazine / NACM March 2017