Every Payment Should be Transparent and Fair

Our Values

We treat everyone as if we’ll know them forever, from prospective customers and partners to potential teammates and vendors. We lead with empathy and follow through with honesty and respect. We always meet our commitments – to our mission, our customers, and ourselves.

They are the sole reason we exist. We have an enormous obligation to align what we do with their goals. We always keep their perspective as our motivation. We can only succeed together.

We reject complacency – our mission and our customers are too important. We are eager to take on the challenges that drive us forward. So we’re resilient and adaptable, open-minded, and curious. We think things through. We build and execute the highest quality solutions that may take the most effort. We get farther because we push ourselves.

Who we Are


We thrive in an inclusive, collaborative environment and hold ourselves accountable. We step up and step in when our team needs us. We learn from each other, and share our challenges – and our victories.


We find deep meaning and satisfaction in making an impact. We are self-aware about what motivates us and what instills passion. We take pride in being trusted to deliver results for the team. We take every opportunity to learn and grow.

Thoughtful, then Decisive

Progress is rooted in focused effort. To focus, we work hard to understand the root cause and listen to different points of view. We prefer careful investigation to quick conclusions. And when we identify the best solution, we work quickly and confidently towards it.

Leadership Team

  • Nagendra Jayanty headshot

    Nagendra Jayanty

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Suzanne Vandenberg headshot

    Suzanne Vandenberg

    Vice President of Partnership

  • Bruce Hubbard headshot

    Bruce Hubbard

    Vice President of Product and Implementation

  • Brad Rust headshot

    Brad Rust

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Greg Garbo headshot

    Greg Garbo

    Vice President of Sales

  • Elina Sukharenko headshot

    Elina Sukharenko

    Chief Operating Officer

Our Board and Advisors

  • Sunil Kappagoda headshot

    Sunil Kappagoda

    Executive Chairman. Former President Verifone Asia-Pacific

  • John Philpott headshot

    John Philpott

    Board Member, General Partner

  • Ahmed Fattouh headshot

    Ahmed Fattouh

    Board Member. CEO, InterPrivate Acquisition Corp.

  • Kirk Dauksavage headshot

    Kirk Dauksavage

    Advisor. Former Chief Revenue Officer, Billtrust (NASDAQ: BTRS)

  • Millicent Tracey headshot

    Millicent Tracey

    Advisor. Board Director, Bank of California

  • Jack Klinck headshot

    Jack Klinck

    Advisor. Former Vice Chair, BNY Mellon Bank

  • Ryan McQueen headshot

    Ryan McQueen

    Advisor. Former GM of Payments at Westpac Bank and Business Banking Products at ANZ Bank