Choose customers or business lines to surcharge. Leave out others. It’s up to you.

Charge only your cost of acceptance on each card to keep prices fair.

We guarantee state, provincial, AND card brand compliance, stepping in to indemnify you.

Keep your payment providers, technology, and flows the same – just add surcharging.

Multiple options to maximize your recovery and customer satisfaction.

We cover every rule and regulation across the 70+ regulators.

Out of the Box Solutions

Prebuilt Surcharging for Trusted Payment Platforms

Supplement your gateway and avoid changing payment providers with PayLink, our surcharge-enabled payment tools, and embedded solutions.

Add a surcharge-ready virtual terminal

E-commerce surcharging via secure hosted payment page

Embedded into major software platform partners

Netsuite, MS Dynamics, and other integrations coming soon

Customized Solution

Integrated Surcharging for Any Existing System

Add surcharging to any software platform that automates payments and reconciliation. Embed our API into your existing payments flows to compliantly recover fees. Supplement your existing payment processes and vendors instead of replacing them.

Sync multiple payment channels to accounting tools and ERPs

Proprietary-built customer invoice payment portals and websites

Works with third-party payments and accounts receivable automation software

Card terminal-based payments

Expert Services Included With Every Solution

Consultative Services

We’re your dedicated surcharge implementation and compliance team – before, during, and after you go live.

InterPayments Certification

Surcharge confidently knowing you’re covered by our compliant surcharging guarantee trusted by Fortune 1000 companies.

Auditing Tools

You’re always in the know with 24/7 real-time data on surcharged transactions and savings.

Driving Success Across Industries

Learn how other major companies made surcharging work for their business.

  • Businessman Using Laptop With Credit Card Shopping Online

    How InterPayments Helped a B2B SaaS Leader Save $1.5 million per year, nearly 80% of Credit Card Fees

    Company Size

    Large (500+ employees, $250M+ annual revenue)


    B2B Risk Management Software-as-a-Service



  • Carpenter Working With Equipment On Wooden Table In Carpentry Shop

    How InterPayments Helped a Building Materials Enterprise Save Millions in Credit Card Fees

    Company Size

    Enterprise (1000+ employees, $2.8B+ annual revenue)


    Importer and Wholesale Distributor of tile, flooring, countertops, and hardscaping



  • man wearing a hardhat in a warehouse, inspecting inventory

    How InterPayments Saved 81% of Credit Card Fees for a Leading Transport Company

    Company Size

    SMB (200+ employees, $50M+ annual revenue)


    Transportation and Moving Logistics



Become a Partner

Create new revenue streams and help your merchants save.


Shift surcharge risk, retain/add merchants with a value-add feature, and monetize surcharging


Seamless integration turns your platform into a savings driver.


Meet the complex surcharging needs of your enterprise merchants and ISV partners.

Surcharging 101

Up-to-date news and expert analysis on everything about credit card fees.

  • man in a red collared tshirt, smiling, looking up, and pointing up

    Is Surcharging Right for Me?

    In this article, we’ll shed light on who’s surcharging and why.  Read on to see whether surcharging fits your business and whether to dive deeper.  Surcharging is a legal and optimal way for most merchants to make…

  • a woman wearing a backpack and holding books, standing in front of a giant whiteboard of math equations filling all space

    How to Calculate Surcharges

    Surcharging is a legal and optimal way for most merchants to make their credit card fees go to zero.  However, it’s not as simple as just adding “3%” to every order. Why? There are many rules…

  • woman sitting on a couch with a laptop, holding a credit card near her face, looking intently at her screen

    Variable vs. Fixed Rate Surcharging

    Most merchants exploring surcharging are unaware that variable-rate surcharging is an option. It’s understandable. Credit card surcharging regulations are numerous and complex. In short, two key rules determine much you can surcharge: 1) you can never profit from a credit card surcharge; 2) 4%…