InterPayments Powers Surcharging for Market Leaders

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    How InterPayments Helped an Enterprise Accounts Receivable SaaS Expand Payment Volume through 100% Compliant Surcharging

    Card payments account for less than 15% of total B2B supplier revenues. Although card payments have guaranteed funds and fast settlement, many B2B suppliers with thin margins cannot profitably take…

We Work With You

From your payment and technology stack to your sales team, we take on work so you don’t have to.

Sales Support

Your sales team can call us in to collaborate or take over at any point in the process.


Your team will get everything they need to become experts at expressing the value of compliant surcharging.

Custom Reporting and Audits

Transaction data is reported in real-time, so you and your merchants have the detailed records you need to meet your targets.


Our team of experts will support your implementation and certify every deployment.

Customer Success

After execution, we ensure the success of your surcharging program.

Technical Support

We handle any issue from you or your merchants.

Get Market-Leading Technology For Your Customers

Always Compliant. Always Secure

The InterPayments Certified guarantee

  • ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant.
  • Follows state/provincial, national, and card brand regulations.
  • Prevention, Protection, and Indemnification from compliance risk.
  • All Employees Based in US and Canada