Auditing tools

Real-time Audit Records

For full compliance. And peace of mind.

Auditing for

Surcharge records connect to the general ledger, ensuring organized bookkeeping.

  • Real-time transaction logs with surcharge details and eligibility
  • Easy-to-use interface with data visualization and filtering
  • Continuous tracking of fee savings with deep detail
  • Accessible via web or API

Auditing for
Acquiring Banks

Validate merchant surcharge behavior complies with your policies.

  • Monitor compliance status of every merchant and transaction
  • Understand surcharge rates and details across all merchants
  • Track onboarding and live surcharge status of every merchant and MID
  • Accessible via web or API

Every InterPayments solution includes auditing tools and implementation services

Leading the way in Compliance

We stay ahead of regulation changes so your solution is always in line.

  • We certify your surcharge program and train your teams before launch
  • We step in to handle non-compliance allegations post launch
  • We indemnify against state/provincial, federal, and card brand risks 24/7
  • Real-time and historical records on 30+ attributes of surcharge compliance

Prevent. Protect. Indemnify.

InterPaymentes absorbs compliance risk.

InterPayments handles compliance allegations.

Automated compliance on every transaction.