Multi-Channel B2C Brand Merchant Puts InterPayments to the Test

person holding a calculator in their left hand and a pen in their right, actively typing numbers

In September of 2020, an innovative leader in multichannel direct response sales came to InterPayments looking for a solution to reduce their growing credit card fees. The Inc. 5000 merchant is a premier distributor of recognizable brands and As Seen On TV products.

But even as the merchant was experiencing exponential growth, they found that credit card processing fees on their various payment platforms were causing them to lose a large portion of profits. Nearly 25% of their profit from credit card purchases was being paid out to credit card companies and banks in processing fees.

After evaluating InterPayments, the merchant quickly realized the potential value of our dynamic surcharging solution, but they were concerned about customer complaints, conversion rate, and retention – so we decided to run a test.